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Wiki protests against sopa pipa

wiki protests against sopa pipa

On January 18, over websites — including Wikipedia and Google — will protest anti-piracy legislation currently making its way through.
Wikipedia Protests 'Internet Censorship' their Congressional representatives to argue against passage of the two bills. Tell Congress No on SOPA and PIPA." Click Here for More: SOPA and PIPA Blackout Explained.
SOPA protests shut down Web sites In this fight, they were pitted against traditional Washington . Wikipedia blackout: How to survive it..

Wiki protests against sopa pipa -- going cheap

Right now, the US Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open internet. Sopa would allow the movie industry, through the courts and the US attorney general, to send a slew of demands that internet service providers ISPs and search engine companies shut down access to those alleged violators, and even to prevent linking to those sites, thus making them "unfindable".

wiki protests against sopa pipa

Among other media industry reactions, Creative America was of the view that "[t]hey've misidentified this issue as an issue about your Internet, your Internet is being jeopardized. Wikipedia has taken its English-language site offline as part of protests against proposed anti-piracy laws in the US. Senators have now come out against the bills, including former co-sponsors Ben Cardin, Marco Rubio and Roy Blunt. People are really rising up and saying: 'Don't interfere with basic Internet infrastructure. Internet companies have been complaining that the bills put them in the untenable position of having to be online police. Of the proposals considered by Wikipedians, those that would result in a 'blackout' of the English Wikipedia, in concert with similar blackouts on other websites opposed to SOPA and PIPA, received the strongest support. Around the country, Americans woke up without some of the oddball essentials of online life. Barrier reef cam from the Georgia Aquarium. Recording Industry Association of America. To be clear, I am in no way calling for the passage of SOPA. Senate majority leader Harry Reid and House Judiciary committe chairman Lamar Smith postpone votes on anti-piracy. Various combatants said they could have easily a few months ago. Last week, however, many were subjected to false and incendiary charges and sloganeering designed to inflame emotions, wiki protests against sopa pipa. When a site "goes dark," or participates in a "blackout," the site will in some way restrict its usual content. Said Dodd of the broadbased, grassroots internet protest, "It's a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts websites like incite their users in order to further their corporate interests. House Judiciary Committee was marked by online protests involving blackened website banners, popularly described as "American Censorship Day". But even if this poll is firmly in "support" we'd obviously go through a much longer process to get some kind of consensus around parameters, triggers, and timing.

Wiki protests against sopa pipa -- tour

The website of the Digital Public Library of America has a statement saying that the legislation 'would force libraries to censor access to [written, recorded, and visual] culture, expose librarians to criminal penalties for doing their jobs'... Penguin cam from the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri. But already, the momentum of the two controversial bills has been largely halted. This is merely a straw poll to indicate overall interest. Your comments are currently being pre-moderated why? Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future. House Judiciary Committee was marked by online protests involving blackened website banners, popularly described as "American Censorship Day".

wiki protests against sopa pipa

Tour: Wiki protests against sopa pipa

INVOLVED TAKE ACTION INDONESIA RELEASE STEVEN ITLAY WENDA For the full list of websites taking action against SOPA and PIPA today, check out the SOPA Strike website. The story must be told. John Cornyn R-Texas urged that it be delayed: "Stealing content is theft, plain and simple, but concerns about unintended damage to the internet and innovation in the tech sector require a more thoughtful balance, which will take more time. Issa said he had already been told of a victory: GOP leaders told him that the House would not vote on a version of the bill that those companies oppose. Chennai, India: The Hindu. Around this time, wiki protests against sopa pipa websites began displaying directory mitsunori misawa and messages promoting their readerships to contact Congress to stop the progress of the bill, and some websites began to discuss or endorse a possible "Internet blackout" before any vote on SOPA in the House, as a means of further protest. And search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing could be stopped from linking to them - antithetical, they argue, to the ideal of an open Internet.
Home headlines scam targeted usaa bank customer To be clear, this is NOT a vote on whether or not to have a strike. Sign in here You must be logged in to recommend a comment. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Supporters generally identified a need to have more effective laws to combat the illegal domestic frfr touch pure of products and services, the counterfeiting and sale of products such as prescription drugs, athletic shoes, and cosmeticsand worldwide copyright infringing activities which were problematic to prevent inasmuch as they originated outside the United States. Sarandos sent a personal plea. Trump delivering remarks at NRA meeting in Atlanta.
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