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Types social media

types social media

There are many different types of social media. Read this blog post to hone in on the definition of social media and the different types of social.
Social networking isn't all about appealing to a general audience anymore. These days, there are all sorts of different niches that social networks can focus on.
Learn about the different types of social media and how they affect your business.

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Yahoo : Like Google and Bing, this is not technically a social media platform. Notify me of new posts by email.

types social media

Strengths: A very easy-to-use interface. They're the ones that everyone's using, and the ones that see the most activity. Proudly powered by WordPress. To be honest they all r good sites. Quora is another you might like. But did you know there are literally hundreds of different platforms out there? You may have heard of Reddit. It would be my honor. Facebook and Twitter have changed .


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The best-known platforms for forums include Lefora , Zoho , Drupal , PhpBB , Vanila , JavaBB and vBulletin. Instagram and Tumblr are a couple that started off small and exploded to become the popular platforms they are today. Facebook may be number one, but others like QZone and VK are almost just as popular in other countries... Popular in United States, Canada and Europe.

types social media