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Short sweet baby names

short sweet baby names

The data experts at MooseRoots, a genealogy research site powered by Graphiq, found the most popular short and sweet baby names.
What are some other short / sweet / spunky yet feminine and elegant girl names with the Forum · Girl Baby Names ; Short / Sweet Girls names  Cute, old-fashioned girl names?.
If you you're looking for a short name then you should definitely go with a bit of a . posted by sweet name :: Jan 12, 2016 PM | report...

Short sweet baby names -- tri easy

Fox — An animal name. Selena is smooth, adorable, sensual and rhythmic. Sleep on your side. Ruby is one of the most familiar gemstone inspired baby names, and one of the sultriest as well.

Short sweet baby names travel

Names Searched Right Now:.. Your California Privacy Rights. Alternatives to popular baby names. Or use it as a given name. Easy to Pronounce Indian Baby Names. Note: The female names Wren and Saige tied when it comes to frequency per one million babies born.