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Politics list journalists wrote political checks

politics list journalists wrote political checks

Slogan(s), Sorting out the truth in politics. Website, batzen.info · Alexa rank, Increase (October Commercial, Yes. Launched, 10 years ago Current status, Active. batzen.info is a project operated by the Tampa Bay Times, in which reporters and editors Since PolitiFact. com has declared one political statement from each.
The list: Journalists who wrote political checks. The following 143 journalists made campaign contributions from 2004 through the first quarter of according.
The list: Journalists who wrote political checks . I don't want my name to appear on checks she signs and sends to causes and politicians.”..

Politics list journalists wrote political checks - going

Favate didn't reply to messages. Regional Reporter Western Slope - Grand Junction, CO. He is based in San Francisco, covering Silicon Valley. If I were, say, Katy Couric, then you may have a different picture. Bush website Washington Post , Oct. Grubb does elegant infographics.

politics list journalists wrote political checks

Author Politics list journalists wrote political checks Hohmann, a Politico alumnus, is no miser with the wordcount and delivers briefings informed by interviews and on-the-ground reporting. In April, PolitiFact weighed in on the controversy anand vihar railway station enquiry the public restrooms law in North Carolina. I am sorry you did not. Corderi is listed in the FEC records by her married name, Keane. In doing so, the team from The New York Times beat the New York Daily News, which also had Trump's records but failed to verify them on deadline. But the truth is that PF has always leaned noticeably left. I certainly don't regret it. In fact, journalists regularly tell me their media organizations have started highlighting fact-checking in their reporting because so many people click on fact-checking stories after a debate or high-profile news event. A blogger called these contributions to the attention of Adcock's bosses, Tony Ridder and Clark Hoyt. Most of the bigger papers in Texas totally prohibit contributions by any staff member regardless of whether they are in a position to influence anything or not. Continue reading the main story. News staffers should avoid any local gulfport political activity, including contributions. Even if you're not covering something, you might at some point. When asked about those records, she said, "I hadn't talked to my husband.