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The latest Tweets from Abstract Josh (@abstractJSM). the musings of an existential robot who paints. Fort Worth, Texas. USA.
4 months ago from Tim Van Damme, Designer at Abstract. Hi everyone! We're Josh and Tim from Abstract. We spent the past year working in "stealth mode", and.
If you're a digital designer like us, this probably sounds familiar: Disorganized assets in several places; Conflicted copies of files creating confusion and noise...

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Now imagine some of these books have been reprinted and are on their second, third, or even fourth edition. You can see this on the dribbble popular page, or the awwwards sotd - trends are dominating like they never have imho. Marketing in the Age of Trump. Why is this important? By using Abstract, we can crack open these files and easily understand what has changed, bit by bit. This alone makes the merge process much less likely to have confilcts.

josh abstract

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What have you seen in testing Abstract with users? What I Learned about My iPhone After Switching to the Google Pixel. And people are desperate to acquire the latest hot title that makes them part of "the cool people". Have you guys also thought about how to show the design process, showing where designs came from and which direction it goes? Proper version control and a system-based approach to designing products becomes the new standard.

josh abstract