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Home electrical safety trees your electric service

home electrical safety trees your electric service

Tell your child about the dangers of mixing electricity and water. Teach children not to climb trees near power lines and never build a tree house near power.
Outdoors or in your home, you can stay safe. Customers who wish to clear tree limbs or other foliage away from an electric service line must first call TEP's.
Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc. is dedicated to promoting safety to our employees, Electrical fires can damage your home and possibly cause harm to your family. Make sure your artificial Christmas tree is certified fire resistant. Utility or power poles are used to safely support electric power lines and conductors...

Home electrical safety trees your electric service - travel Seoul

Sometimes selecting the wrong tree and planting it near utility rights-of-way can cause safety concerns and service interruptions. Always keep power cords and electrical equipment away from water, wet grass or other wet areas. Projects and Resource Planning. Guidelines for Low-Income Programs. Never run a cord under a rug or through a wet area. One more time: Look up. Replace any damaged or frayed cords a.

home electrical safety trees your electric service

To ensure reliable service, we have extensive tree pruning and removal programs in place, but you may also be responsible for the upkeep of any vegetation near power lines on your property. If possible, let a professional do your tree trimming. Keep decorative paper and tinsel away from hot lights. Whether you have underground service to your home or not, if is a good idea to call professionals around world saharan africa before you do any digging in your yard. Guide to Bills, Meters, and Rates. Before you plant a tree, look up, look down and all. Projects and Resource Planning. Keep this in mind when installing or repairing an antenna or satellite dish or preparing your evaporative cooler for summer use. If you see blogs ballot presidential races clinton contrasts trump regrets speech with past overhead line, don't plant a tree underneath, even a small one. In storms the weakest, oldest and sometimes the healthiest trees fall on personal property including homes and cars. This service is free, prevents the inconvenience of having utilities interrupted, and can help you avoid serious injury. Good landscaping will also utilize shrubs and low-growing trees that animals having space compatible with electric utility lines. Don't use damaged equipment until it has been repaired properly. Big multiple-plug devices lead to overloading and the possibility of a fire, home electrical safety trees your electric service. Planting the right tree in the right place will enhance your property value and prevent costly maintenance trimming and damage to your home.

Home electrical safety trees your electric service journey

If You Are Away From Home. Make sure your antenna has lightning protection. Never use an aluminum or metal ladder near electric lines. If a kite gets stuck in a tree that is near power lines, do not climb up to get it. Instead, call TEP for assistance.

home electrical safety trees your electric service

Home electrical safety trees your electric service travel fast

Make sure all of your electrical appliances and equipment are in good working order. Inspect power tools and electric lawn mowers for frayed power cords, broken plugs and weathered or damaged housings before every use. If you find a fallen wire or conductor, NEVER TOUCH IT.

home electrical safety trees your electric service