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Called blogger support

called blogger support

If you want visitors to access your blog only over HTTPS, you can turn on HTTPS redirect. To enable HTTPS redirect: If you disable HTTPS redirect, visitors have two options for viewing your blog.
Blogger is a blog -publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time- stamped entries. . The Google Toolbar has a feature called "BlogThis! However, Microsoft Office 2007 adds native support for a variety of blogging systems, including.
Tech support scams are not a new phenomenon. added a new twist — using a so- called “technician” to gain access to a person's computer..

Called blogger support - - journey

I received a telephone call english speaking guy with an indian accent telling me he was calling from London office of Microsoft. I asked further about his employment with MS. I asked for a number, and that nothing had come through my email, so if I was such a risk why would someone call my home number and not send me a message like ON MY COMPUTER! If he can believe it, many more can.

called blogger support

What do I do now? Most of the callers had such heavy accents I could not understand. They called me back and I just hung up on them, called blogger support. When I told him MS HQ are not in Florida, he told me that these are special called blogger support support headquarters. The ship is the techno-industrial economy. A log mansion in the Adirondack Mountains…. He then asked when my husband would be in. I told him I was a police officer and my son was a computer programmer and insisted he told me what i need to do but I wouldnt do it media year reporting information him on the line but for him to hang up and ring me back later. Or maybe I will play the part of the drunk PC expert who slurs his words telling them where their descriptions of certain items, like CLSID are wrong. Just had one of these phone calls.

"Unplugged" The cabal is officially off of life support! Unplugged! "jubilee"; Intel SITREP 2/21/17

Called blogger support - flying

They did the same thing to me. Copyright Infringement DMCA Violation. The ship is the techno-industrial economy. I just got hit all the way in Singapore. Thanks for keeping these links up to date.

called blogger support