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Anomalous items

anomalous items

links are here: batzen.info batzen.info anomalous - items.
Notes: I'm not even sure why this was an anomaly. Maybe it just had a very flat tip. Notice: Destroying anomalous items without appropriate permission is a major.
Safe: Means it wont kill you immediately Euclid: Means we don't fully know if it will kill you immediately Keter.

Anomalous items -- traveling

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anomalous items

Location of Recovery: RSPCA shelter in Rhodehampton, Australia. It disappeared after a few seconds. Current Status: In Dr. Item Description: A fractured skull of Felis catus or common house cat. Clapping was vigorous enough that lacerations appeared on the hands of the audience members at five minutes into the event.

Tri fast: Anomalous items

  • Anomalous items
  • Anomalous items

Anomalous items - going cheap

You can give names of towns and places if you want, or you can just find other ways to say things. Item Description: A hardcover book that, when read, makes everything a person touches feel like a certain designated texture, depending on the page read. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data. Item Description: A cheap plastic ping-pong ball, that would change from red to green twice daily.